Does it Speak to you?

Oil Painting on Plexiglass - 2019

What do we do in this moment where everything seems so raw, where seems so confrontational? The reason I enjoy a moment so much is that it is just for Art, particularly I have a chance to escape from hustle and bustle of fast-pace living in modern society. I feel creating would be perfect way for me to express and connect with nature. Yes!!I am always overwhelmed with life after painting. As a contemporary post war artist, my artwork shows that who we are and what our position is in the modern world. I'm growing up with my paintings and in fact, you can see my changes. I used to paint my dream but now I'm picturing the reality. I have more longevity with feelings and it can make my life more tolerable so I've tried to pay attention to all aspects of my feelings and not hide them. That's why my art is a documentary and my concern in every field of artwork is the Women, culture, morality, Society, human nature and religion.Recently, I’ve been working on bathroom collection. You know an odd feeling? Well, I do not use the toilet much to pee in. The important thing about toilet is that the average human being spends three years of life going to the toilet, so it’s because I have found myself very much attract to toilet. I wonder how many other people on the planet are also pooping right this moment. And the other hand we spend virtually all our non-pooping time thinking only about ourselves. How awesome is body? I cannot think of anything sexier when I’m there. As far as I remember, when I was child while I got excited or nervous about being in crowed, I tented to go toilet for think about my dreamy story and being alone in a private place where I focused 100% on my ideas. So, it has become a habit that I always go to bathroom for thinking to upcoming challenges and thoughts in my life. I believe that the bathroom is where I do my best thinking that the only place sacred from interruption is the private toilet.

Watercolor, 2018

20*25 cm

I think that when I get near the new community, my life seems brief in art and I should make the most of every moment of it. As a Watercolorist I am forced to work at the moment, to consider every stroke that I make and to proceed with confidence and grace. This artwork printed in A selection of Iranian Water Colorists` Paintings Book (The Eighth Land ) 2019.

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Immersing Yourself in the Arts.

Video Arts

My video art is an art form in which I collaborated with many artists like Musicians, Editors and photographers, and directors that I am really interested in. That combination is also be referred to like media and performance art which I played a bit. What I really like about this kind of artwork is teamwork in the artist community that we can share across large amounts of audiences and broaden the boundaries of art.

Having a talent is not enough; one also requires your permission for it--right, my friends? (Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good, and Evil)

Performer: Nina Rastgar, Saba Moghadami We presented our performance at the Darbast platform ( in Tehran, Saturday, November 30, 2019, when the Iranian government shut off internet access for all its citizens to restrict news of protest spreading globally. Iran’s largest mobile network operators all fell offline on Saturday, leading to a near-total internet and telecommunication blackout inside the country following protests about fuel prices. This blackout echoed the themes of our performance, such as being restricted by external forces and being in a box with limited resources while others watch. This performance gave us a different and unforgettable experience in our artistic life. It allowed us to know a lot of real feelings about our daily life in Iran, where we feel trapped. A performance that could finally fulfill our mental emptiness, to demonstrate our position about the atmosphere we live in, and express the limitations we regularly confront. Conclusion We believe that artists can leave a deep and long-lasting impact on society. And aim to use this performance as an opportunity to provide further insight. Eventually, it helps other people to know more about human reality, which will help open their minds and give them new perspectives.


Nina was born in 1988 in Rasht, Iran who has been devoted to the arts since she was 13 years old. Nina's artistic training started at an early age under the close tutelage of her father, a director and photographer. Long before a paintbrush ever touched her hand, drawing was Nina’s original medium. She continues to draw today, exploring techniques and concepts by pushing the boundaries between realism and dreamscapes. As an Iranian-girl Artist grew up in Iran she has always been struggling with the traditional cultural aspects based on religion and she seek to break away from tradition and to rebel which try to create her own code of behavior in her hometown in which women have little say in it. Increasingly by gaining experience she realized she is not naturally belonging to the society she is living in there. Her interests lie in exploring social issues, especially women, feminism, and freedom. One other major theme that she's interested in is the representation of the world through the eyes of others. Her works inspired by daily life on the streets, the subway and other locations are parts of her story. She showcases her thoughts through creating surface patterns and stories of human body in her paintings. What she cares about is the emotions that she leaves on the paper. Be ready to feel it.